• Subject
  • Urban emotion
  • Episodes
  • 42
  • Starring
  • Jiang Wenli Xu Yajun
  • Producer
  • Wang Hui
  • Director
  • Liu Biao
  • Screenwriter
  • Xue Xiaolu Wang Yue
  • Phone
  • 13311391832
  • Completion Date
  • 2015
  • Contact
  • Fang Li
  • Mail
  • bjdthh@163.com
  • Produced By
  • Datang Brilliant Media Co.,Ltd.
  • Copyright
  • Exclusive copyright

Splendid Trailer


Jade in Chinese dictionaries always stands for faithful character, lofty moral integrity and precious value, but people often ignore the fact that jade is also vulnerable and needs meticulous care because of its hard and brittle texture. A flawless jade only exists in a dream. The real jade usually remains beautiful despite of its flaws. In some sense, the characteristics of jade are highly consistent with the nature of marriage. It’s not only a beautiful ideal but also a positive attitude towards love and marriage and values which are worth being advocated in a harmonious society to guard marriage as a jade nowadays when the divorce rate remains high. When marriage encounters hidden reefs and vortexes, compared with simply giving it up, it needs more courage and more wisdom of understanding the true essence of marriage as well as more perseverance of advancing courageously to save and hold fast to it. Humanity and marriage have stronger anti-risk ability after standing tests. Su Ran and Zhao Mingqi had an enviable marriage at first, but the originally stable life is suddenly changed because of an accidental infidelity of Zhao Mingqi. After the exposure of his extramarital affair, Zhao Mingqi sets his mind on getting Su Ran’s forgiveness and returning to the family, but it’s difficult for Su Ran to step out of the shadow of being betrayed, and Hua Sha, the other woman, who tries in every way to have Zhao Mingqi all to herself, keeps making troubles when Su Ran and Zhao Mingqi try hard to get reconciled. Their marriage is coming to an end, but Zhao Mingqi never gives up even when he is thrown into prison because of being falsely accused of rape by Hua Sha since he doesn’t want to divorce. Owing to the marital relationship of many years, Su Ran resolutely decides to hold up the family and find out the truth of the case of Zhao Mingqi. Through persistent hard work of Su Ran, Zhao Mingqi finally proves his innocence. However, their feelings that have experienced hard blows are just like a broken jade. How to win back his dignity and career that are totally lost in the extramarital affair?  How to get back Su Ran who is getting farther and farther away? Those become the more severe tests Zhao Mingqi has to confront with. Finally, Su Ran and Zhao Mingqi thoroughly remold themselves through the unhappy past and get together to run the reunited family life with a deeper understanding.

The couple in the play once had a happy-looking marriage. Just when the wife is going to Beijing to study, the husband’s company is at its low. The household affairs make him more bothered. Meeting a considerate confidante, the husband, beset with troubles internally and externally, goes astray for a short while. All these ignite the truth behind the peaceful life that their marriage lacks communication and operation and the trust has already collapsed. During the process when the couple tries hard to get reconciled, a rape case planned by the third party together with a fraud case pushes their marriage further to a breaking point…However, the play is never a conventional story about a tolerant wife who manages to make her husband turn to a new life. Taking the crisis in marriage as pains before thorough changes and relying on the most natural kindness and beauty in humanity, the hero and the heroine save each other and conduct self-redemption. They make themselves better while saving their marriage. Facing the volatile life, they become more powerful to grasp happiness and create happiness hereinafter.