• Subject
  • Urban emotional inspiration
  • Episodes
  • 34
  • Starring
  • Yu Hewei Liu Tao
  • Producer
  • Wang Hui
  • Director
  • Liu Xuesong
  • Screenwriter
  • Qin Yue
  • Phone
  • 13311391832
  • Completion Date
  • 2014
  • Contact
  • Fang Li
  • Mail
  • bjdthh@163.com
  • Produced By
  • Datang Brilliant Media Co.,Ltd.
  • Copyright
  • Exclusive copyright

Splendid Trailer


Gong Jian, who comes home as a demobilized solider from special troops, has planned to get well along with his wife, but out of expectation, his marriages has come to an end, which makes him put all his energy into his career.

Meantime, the marriage between Deng Caocao and her husband Guang Hao only exists in name. Her son is stolen by human traffickers, leaving his whereabouts a mystery. Suffering the pain of losing her kid, she also loses her marriage.

Five years later, Gong Jian has become a CEO of a large-sized real estate company, completely focusing on work. As a graduate from a prestigious university, Deng Caocao works as a courier just for the convenience of looking for her son. She works hard every day and delivers each package with a notice for her lost son. She has been looking for total five years. During the period, she has been to many cities and asked many people. She also once ran advertisements on newspapers and the Internet, but still fails to find him. Numerous disappointments in the past five years make her on the verge of   collapse, but she still doesn’t give up looking for Xiaoxuan.

Deng Caocao and Gong Jian, who are both divorced, are forced to have a blind date. Since they are reluctant to do that and some misunderstandings also happen to them on that day, they both have left a terrible impression on each other. They dislike each other, but get involved into an emotional turmoil accidentally. Gong Jian has once saved Deng Caocao’s life when she tries to commit suicide because she feels it’s impossible to find her son. He helped her find her son back, but cheated her through the safety guards because he doesn’t want her to know his real identity. He hurt her for the sake of the friendship between himself and his buddy who grew up with him since childhood. When Gong Jian and Deng Caocao come together after breaking through obstacles one after another, one of Gong Jian’s female subordinates, who loves him deeply and is dying, tells him her feelings for him, which makes Gong Jian not know what to do. Deng Caocao’s ex comes back and firmly insists on remarrying her, which makes her in hesitation. In addition, Gong Jian’s ex comes from abroad and lets her daughter call him dad, although it’s found later that the girl is not his kid. The love between Deng Caocao and Gong Jian is full of twists and turns.

The first marriage is like a 100-meter dash in which people advance courageously, but the second one is like a 100-meter hurdle race which is full of barriers. Supporting each other to overcome the obstacles, Gong Jian and Deng Caocao walk towards their second marriage and usher in their new happiness.