• Subject
  • Drama Legend
  • Episodes
  • 50
  • Starring
  • Zheng Jiaying, Han Xue
  • Producer
  • Fan Xiaotian
  • Director
  • Zheng Weiwen, Hu Mingkai
  • Screenwriter
  • Fan Xiaotian, Zhang Tan
  • Phone
  • 15166026718
  • Completion Date
  • 2012 Dec.
  • Contact
  • JiaoHuan
  • Mail
  • funa2003@126.com
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  • Copyright exclusively owned

Splendid Trailer


At the beginning of 20 century in China, the Qing Dynasty fell and the warlords fought one another, Kuomintang and the Communist Party were fighting with each other, Japanese invaded in China: The whole country was in turmoil and upheaval. Right at that period, a young man jumped to the ring of his life and let the Wing Chun shined and spread to Asia, Europe, Australia, Africa, America Continent, every corner of the world. While his apprentice Bruce Lee later became the world’s most famous Kung Fu Star. He is the great master of one generation and his name is IP MAN.

1921, in order to awaken the determination of people to fight with warlords,18 years old IP MAN stepped in the ring of Guangzhou Martial Arts Competition with no fear at his age. Before that while he had to make a choice between his love and his master, he was accused of murderer which was set up by his best friend Lin Qing Shan on purpose, therefore IP MAN had no choice but to run away from Hong Kong in the midnight. By witnessing the foreigners abusing Chinese he felt the anger and sadness rolling up, so he stepped in the ring and defeated the boxing champion. He made a speech about Chinese dignity. Then he was put in the jail. By watching Fushun was invaded and people were abused he made up his mind in the jail to fight till the warlords fall. After that he headed north to Tianjin. By taking the challenges from different schools of martial art and winning in the wanguo martial arts competition he became well known in Tianjin. Under the pressure of Japanese army he had no other choice but to cooperate with Japanese army. He had to survive among the blame and misunderstanding for only one purpose: to undermine the Japanese conspiracy. In the final battle all people were doing Wing Chun to fight enemy and IP MAN has become the great master of one generation.

By questioning one after one IP MAN finally climbed to the top of the mountain.