• Subject
  • Public security youth inspirational drama
  • Episodes
  • 44
  • Starring
  • Yu Hewei Hou Mengsa
  • Producer
  • Wang Hui
  • Director
  • Gu Jinyun
  • Screenwriter
  • Li Gang Cai Yuwei
  • Phone
  • 13311391832
  • Completion Date
  • 2016
  • Contact
  • Fang Li
  • Mail
  • bjdthh@163.com
  • Produced By
  • Datang Brilliant Media Co.,Ltd.
  • Copyright
  • Exclusive copyright

Splendid Trailer


The main characters of this play are 11 post-90 beautiful young girls including Li Shuhan, Ni Na, Tang Youyou and others, who have totally different characteristics and strange specialties. In the special field of police dog training and investigation, which no women have ever stepped into before, the adolescent girls endure multiple tests from dream and reality, phycology and emotions as well as belief and pursuit and accomplish the growth in soul and the thorough change to life through thousands of physical and mental interactions with their beloved dogs, unremitting efforts in the front line of fighting crimes as well as chasing dreams at the cutting edge of police service innovation.

The play tells about many splendid rarely-known stories between police beauties and police dogs, such as how to overcome the psychological shadow left because of being bitten by a police dog accidentally, the life-and-death test when carrying police dogs to chase and capture fierce kidnappers independently, the breath-taking situation of policewomen training large aggressive dogs initiatively, the mixed love-hate feelings when saving the enemy dog named “Yecha”, the persistence in awakening the aggressive dog named “Tianlang” that is injured and loses its memory, and the stinging pain of losing their beloved dogs when performing tasks. It vividly portrays the growth process of police beauties from enduring tests and sufferings, to chasing dreams and love and then to achieving splendidness and honors. Adhering to the creative concept of  pursuing the truth, pursuing innovation and pursuing changes, the play uncovers the legendary experiences of police dogs for different purposes such as tracking, arresting, distinguishing, explosive devices and materials searching, drugs searching, safeguarding, patrolling, giving first-aid, fire protection and riot prevention, etc., for the first time. It also vividly portrays the moving charms of lots of well-known dog breeds such as German shepherd dogs, Labrador retrievers, Doberman Pinscher, Rottweiler, Beagle, Kunming dogs, Tibetan mastiffs, golden retrievers and others. At the same time, through gripping and absorbing stories and portrays of the characters’ temperament types and behavioral features, it shows the image of young policewomen who are bright and brave as well as capable and distinctive, builds a youth inspirational idol drama that is full of passion and vitality, carries forward righteousness and justice as well as actively spreads positive energy and positive thinking, makes people feel and experience the more precious conduct in the contemporary society, that is, loyalty, courage, faithfulness and gratitude, awakens and rebuilds mutual trust and sincerity among people as well as activates and spreads the precious genes carrying the true, the good and the beautiful in humanity.