Canadian Media Producers Association visited China Television Drama Production Industry Association

2017-03-22 16:40

On behalf of Canadian Media Producers Association (CMPA), Mrs.Susanne Vaas, vice president of International Affairs with her crew arrived in China Television Drama Production Industry Association (CTPIA) on March 17, 2017. In order to promote the development of film and television industry between the two associations from China and Canada, Mr. Liu Yanming, executive vice chairman of CTPIA and CEO of HaiRun Movies & TV, Mr. Wang Pengju, vice chairman and secretary general of CTPIA, Mr. Shi Shengtian, executive vice secretary general of CTPIA, and other leaders, who had a business negotiation with guests from CMPA.

CMPA is the largest film and television industry association in Canada, which includes more than 350 film and television production companies. It shows high desire to seek cooperation with Chinese film and television industry, and is willing to help China to produce more influential international film and television works. Because the achievement of mutual visits between Chinese and Candian government, it is a big opportunity for both countries to cooperate in-depth at the right time.

There are other company leaders attended this meeting, such as Mr. Gu Jinjing, general manager of Beijing Booster Consulting Company, Mrs.Han Ken, vice president of HaiRun Movies & TV, and Mrs.Jiang Xiaomei, production director of HaiRun Movies & TV.

The atmosphere was warm and the two sides were very impressed with each other.