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Xi'an Qujiang Yaya film and Television Culture Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yaya film) is by the Xi'an Qujiang cultural industry investment (Group) Co., Ltd., Xi'an Qujiang Cultural Industry Risk Investment Co., Ltd., Xian Ya Ya Film Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Province Radio visual association and general manager Yang Xinran LED by MS, after more than ten years of pioneering endeavor Yaya film team and other five shareholders jointly funded the establishment of a stock Co., Ltd. www.yayayingshi.com

Dramas for Exhibition

I’m  luckyI’m lucky

Information age, privacy is not, pervasive network of violence.
Photo order "fruit beauty" burst fire networks, personal information may also be scraped out immediately, users exaggeration indiscriminate attacks, female fashion illustrator Wang Xiaoxing Scoop cusp, career, life hit rock bottom.

Empty nest grandpaEmpty nest grandpa

"Every family has its cupboard," Zhou This holds many lessons for the rain-delayed by two daughters endless tangle - widowed father Zhou Kaiqi twilight years of love on the fills, underground lovers actually own nanny! Daughters on reason,


Exhibitors Directory

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  • Xi'an Qujiang Yaya Film & TV Culture Co., Ltd