Shandong Liubu film and television base

Shandong liubu film and tv Bases led by producer Zhang ying, independent producers for nearly three hundred TV sets, has become quite influential, quite powerful and professional achievements TV production unit, was established more than ten years has made a series of remarkable achievements:《The Great Shun》《Heroes of the Marshes》《 Confucius》《Mother》《Ghost》《Season of Passion》《Prodigal Yanqing》《Nanyang Romance》《Police 110》《General Zhang Xueliang》《Police's stories》《Drum flea Shiqian》《The village folks live in a high-rise building》《Laughter is the best medicine》

Dramas for Exhibition

The Great ShunThe Great Shun

The Great Shun was an ancient hero who lived in four thousand years ago. He was Dongyi, but he was selected by the Emperor Yao who was Huaxia. The Emperor Yao took his two daughters to marry the Great Shun who named Ehuang and Nvying, and passed his throne to the Great Shun. The Great Shun completed his mission, and made Guirui to be a trade center of the world. Later, The Great Shun killed Gun be...


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  • Datang Brilliant Media Co.,Ltd.
  • Shengshi taihe Shanghai film co., LTD
  • Shandong Liubu film and television base
  • Beijing and chang the way the film and television culture co., LTD
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