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Li Gongmei since separated from He Fusheng and pro-children has been living in put up, and brought up the younger brother and younger sister children angel lee and MSM. After the two families meet again. Li Gongmei see own son became heavy money and not heavy, moved to tears with love to the son, the son back. Li Gongmei adopted son love angel lee and Shen Xue daughter xin tian, Shen Xue worry that all this is Li Gongmei carefully arranged, was to put the raising a son and a daughter out of the back, so the measures to prevent. Time will see the truth, and finally all moved by Li Gongmei sincere emotion and as. Know the home of a true happiness, not just by money, but where there is love there is home.

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Where there is love there is homeWhere there is love there is home

Twenty years ago, to the countryside educated youth Li Gongmei married He Fusheng love, gave birth to a child He Chen. Li Gongmei returned to the city, together with He Fusheng and He Chen He Fusheng because farmers identity and no work is Li Gongmei family abandon.


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