Join Hands with China for Win-Win

2016-12-15 10:36


   China is the largest film and television program market in the world, with most general audience groups; Also, China has the highest cooperative spirit and the potential of trading in the film and television program among the world.

 Communication, exchange, cooperation, win-winis the aims and objectives  for  Chinese film and television specialists communicating with peers  from different countries.

   China Television Drama Production Industry Association is a joint organization of the People’s Republic of China’s national drama production organization. It has more than 400 member units. They are the most powerful and influential enterprises in Chinese film and television program production, which drama annual production and video view at prime time accounted for 90% of the total.

   China Television Drama Production Industry Association is the creator and server of International Transactions on Chinese Film and Television Program. It is the organizer and participant of the of the international TV program trading activities such as NATPE, TV Festival in Cannes, Pusan International Film, etc.  Besides, CTPIA is the sponsor and undertaker of China (Shenzhen) International TV Drama & TV Program Fair, and it is the supporter and participant of China International Film and TV Programs ExhibitionBeijing TV Program Market & Exhibition andShanghai TV Festival.

   Welcome peers from all over the world to exchange with representatives from China Television Drama Production Institution, seeking cooperation and joint exploring film and television program market in China and the international.